Americans have suffered and died over the last 18 months after Hurricane Maria made land fall in Puerto Rico. The hurricane overwhelmed a fragile infrastructure that was already struggling to provide health care and other basic services. The challenge of calculating mortality rates there is not unlike the situation researchers face in conflict zones such as Iraq, Syria and Yemen, where infrastructure either never existed or was destroyed. Since the 1980s, epidemiologists have tried to work around these barriers by using increasingly sophisticated statistical methods to estimate death tolls.

Congress left town for a two-week spring recess without fulfilling the most pressing item on its agenda, aid to victims of floods, fires and hurricanes, with the Senate unwilling to challenge the President on the threat to kill any bill that includes substantial new assistance to Puerto Rico.

Our Government has failed the American people of Puerto Rico.  Currently almost all the relief funds and supplies received have gone to the tourist area leaving the rest of the Island to fend for themselves.  Crime and murder are on the rises as inner Puerto Rico has become a survival of the fittest.  Puerto Rico’s population has been reduced by 4% in the last 18 months.  A slow purge of Americans is happening to the residents of Puerto Rico.


Please donate to help your fellow American during their time of need.  80% of all funds will be sent to the relief of Puerto Rico.  The other 20% will be used to generate continuous awareness of the plight in Puerto Rico.