With our digital sourcing and analytics team, we are committed to fighting digital suppression. Digital suppression has been a key strategy in the last Presidential and Midterm elections. Building on our success in the 2018 midterm in Philadelphia, we are taking our efforts nationally to shield Americans from the suppression onslaught. During the last presidential election over 60 million dollars was used for digital suppression of black and brown voters. The two major parties spent little to combat this type of suppression. We have taken up the shield to protect ethnicities and cultures from any further digital suppression. 
We are Standing for Something so that Americans do not fall for anything. Please stand with us. 

How can you help?

When you find questionable or blatant oppressive or deceitful content please makes us aware by sharing the content with us. We will then review and rate the content. We will redistribute the content with the content’s new rating. 
We are raising 80 million dollars to negate the digital suppression that has already started and to come in the year of the 2020 election. 

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