Are we reforming or punishing people? We are pushing for common sense corrections for crimes that encourage reform instead of punishment. For far too long our penal system has produced people that are not able to function in normal society. Men and women of color are disproportionately placed in a system that alters their moral compass, social etiquette, and the value of their fellow man. It is this type of punishment that prevents a graduate of the penal system the ability to rejoin society. Most nonviolent crimes can be corrected with counseling and support systems. Most nonviolent crimes should not be visible on criminal record searches performed by potential employers.

Private companies are profiting from the incarceration of humans. The shadowing of America’s past sins is not far removed. Private companies forecast their profits based upon urban school enrollment numbers. Feasibility documents are crafted and used in proposals to obtain funding for future prisons. Across America, Judges have been convicted in the Kids for Cash scandals. Judges are getting paid to incarcerate humans. Help us shut down the for-profit prison industry. 

We are demanding our elected official’s support and craft laws that promote reform over punishment. The value of a person cannot be measured, purchased or sold. 

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