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Stay Woke America is not waiting for 2020.  The Campaign for the presidential elections started in 2017.  StayWoke America research shows that over a 100 million dollars has been raised by organizations and foreign countries to influence the 2020 election. Over 20 million of those funds were used to digitally suppress the black and brown vote in 2018.  Our Stay Woke team fought the digital voter suppression efforts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2018. We are providing the digital woke solution to America’s divide.

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About Stay Woke America

StayWoke America is a grassroots organization, led by three generations of Black men. We are non partisan.  We are not funded by either major party and we are using our own money and small donations to support our efforts. We are working year-round to engage and protect black and brown ethnic cultures on both social media platforms and digital applications. While doing so we are also raising the awareness of social, political, and economic injustices that occur on a daily basis. We have a very talented development/ analytics team that has taken on the task to combating these digital injustices.  Since 2018 we have been the leader in combating Digital Voter Suppression.  Our team helped get Philadelphia’s black and brown voter turnout to the levels of the 2008 presidential election. We are now taking our success to all of America. We are taking real-time action with multiple American Issues to cure the divide. 

Please become a member of our digital reformation of America’s laws, policies, and thinking towards all ethnicity and cultures. Stay Woke America

please join our digital woke reformation of America's laws, policies and thinking towards all ethnicity and cultures.

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StayWoke America is staffed by woke Americans.  Our woke team has fought Voter suppression in 2018.  Our Stay Woke staff has constantly exposed voter suppression content.  We have made Americans woke and will continue keep Americans woke. StayWoke America is working every day on issues that are important for black and brown voters.  Our woke values mean that we take a nonpartisan approach to our Stay Woke message.  Once the black and brown voters have been woke.  We plan to become a trusted source of information that Americans can count on delivering woke messaging without political spins. StayWoke America is not just another organization speaking out.  StayWoke America is an organization that provides real solutions to America’s issues.  We have very talented woke development team that continues to provide woke solutions with new digital answers.